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Sylvia Demleitner the founder of itarazen is very passionate about Africa and what Africa has to offer. Itarazen is an e-commerce platform that connects artisans with consumers globally.

What made you start itarazen?

Having lived abroad for a few years, I realised how inaccessible products made in Africa were to the western market. With all the talented designers and craftsmen working hard with no access to African and western market, I wanted to create a secure platform that connects African authentic brands and craftsmen with consumers globally.

How is itarazen different from other online shopping sites?

We celebrate artisans, designers and extraordinary craftsmanship. Itarazen focuses on high quality authentic luxury products that are universal, our target market is not only Africans, but anyone interested in undiscovered outstanding craftsmanship and authentic luxury products.

We work with carefully selected designers and craftsmen, on an invitation-only basis, in order to provide both the shoppers and the vendors a focused and rich prime experience of the highest quality

Which problems does your business solve?

Itarazen uses e-commerce to globalise uniquely designed and authentic luxury products made in Africa. I offer the marketplace as a secure platform where shoppers purchase curated high-quality products made in Africa. Through technology itarazen makes it possible for shoppers to safely quickly and easily find exactly what they want from our wide range of products.

African artisans, designers and craftsmen struggle to find a reliable customer base in their countries. The continent is disconnected, imagine how disconnected we must be to the rest of the world. There is demand across Africa and the world for uniquely designed and authentic luxury products. Artisans, designers and craftsmen finally have the opportunity to showcase their amazing talent and skills to the world and sell their products,

Artisans, designers and craftsmen have been isolated from global consumers due to distance, fear of not receiving the purchased item and complex shipping methods.

I’m creating an innovative solution that will make Africa’s uniquely designed and authentic luxury products easily accessible to the world by delivering outstanding value and excellent customer service.

What challenges you are currently facing?

Building a trusted online platform in African presents tremendous challenges which my team and l are overcoming everyday. The main challenges for us are, trust from consumers, logistics and the costs of importing and exporting in and out of Africa. Despite all this, the simple fact is that the best artisans and craftsmen are here and we are all working together to make an impact on the continent.

Which three adjectives describe your strengths?

Passionate, Optimistic, Perseverance

What advice would you give new entrepreneurs?

Keep pushing forward. be a person who is willing to learn from others. Take risks and focus on being your best, whatever you do, be the best that you can be.

Visit the website: www.itarazen.com
Contact Itarazen on: support@itarazen.com

Minnie-lee Tagwirei
Minnie-lee Tagwirei
Minnie-lee Tagwirei, is the editor of Beetroot Online Magazine for professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses.

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