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Dr Cuthbert started Sync Naturals in her home as a solution to her personal struggles with her hair and skin. As a qualified Anaesthesiologist, Dr Cuthbert’s interest lies in pain management and wellness and when not saving lives, she can be found cultivating her passion for cosmetic science, in the gym or with her head in a book.

“It was never my intention to go natural. I had been planning to stretch out my relaxers to once, maybe twice a year in an effort to slowly repair my damaged relaxed hair. I figured braids for three months at a time would make things easier for me. What I didn’t plan for however, was my strands locking together over time. One day, after removing my braids, I looked at the matted mess in the mirror, said goodbye to my relaxed ends and never looked back. Whilst I am an anaesthesiologist by profession- I have over the past few years dedicated a lot of time and effort to research and learning on how to take care of my natural hair. During my struggles and successes, I began to acknowledge the need for women such as myself to share their experiences.

Although African women globally have learnt to embrace their kinks and coils over the past decade, many still battle to maintain healthy natural hair for various reasons. That being said, whilst hair is a big part of who we as African women are, I recognise that other aspects such as health, beauty, career, financial freedom and family are equally important.

Sync Naturals was launched to celebrate African women with type 4 natural hair and offer them a variety of organic hair and skin care solutions such as hair care products and educational blog and social media posts aimed at empowering professional women in particular, who not only have to manage their work, personal and family schedules, but their hair routines too.”

“Over the years this vision has expanded and the brand grown. Our main focus now is to go beyond type 4 hair and create organic skin and hair care products for all races and all ages because self-love has no colour. “

The Sync Naturals range of products can be ordered through their website www.syncnaturals.online or via WhatsApp. Dr Saweda Cuthbert is also open to giving advice and sharing her knowledge on how best to look after your hair and skin, and smash your hair goals.

Minnie-lee Tagwirei
Minnie-lee Tagwirei
Minnie-lee Tagwirei, is the editor of Beetroot Online Magazine for professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses.

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