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Colleen Qvist works with organisations and individuals to reduce stress, improve communication, increase productivity and for people to engage fully in their professional and personal capacity. She offers a 1-2-1 coaching, coaching for groups and teams, and virtual coaching and facilitates workshops and offer corporate speaking.

Colleen is a Business Coach, Life Coach and Facilitator who focuses on corporate and professional industries including production, retail, legal, motor industry, manufacturing, advertising, logistics and government. To top that, she is also a wife, mom, friend and a  businesswoman who loves people, the type of person you would find sitting in a public place chatting to people and enjoying their energy.

“I have a flexible and dynamic approach to business coaching and life coaching, tailoring my service to work with you and your team and ensuring a non-judgemental and safe space for you to achieve your goals. My role is to build your self-belief, confidence, emotional intelligence and assertiveness. Through my virtual coaching services, I am able to coach clients wherever they are located.”

With 22 years in the healthcare industry along with a B.Sc Hons, MBA, Facilitation training and professional membership of and credentialing with COMENSA, Colleen has a unique insight to the challenges faced by leaders and teams in her years of coaching individuals and teams. Since opening her business, she has spent many years coaching individuals and teams and have the experience and expertise, to not only help you realise your potential but use that potential to the benefit of everyone.
With glowing testimonials on her website, from happy clients, she brings value to her clients, builds self-confidence, personal growth, thus she comes highly recommended.

Mpho Makgopa says:

Colleen is the archetype of a successful coach because she goes extra mile to guarantee the intended progress in every person. Her courage to develop other people’s lives is amazing as she is able to acknowledge the uniqueness of every person. I observed her strategy of making almost all students realize their potential. I still consider her as my mentor since she has impacted my life.”

‘When people describe how they feel when they spend time with me, they most often mention safe, loved, not judged, held accountable, believed in and encouraged to leave their comfort zone”

Her motto is Listen, Believe, Implement and Grow.

She believes that, “Coaching allows you to identify your goal and assists you to achieve that goal. Coaching allows clarity, growth, identification of steps, addresses missing skills and holds you accountable.”
As a facilitator, she ensures that together people come up with a plan, strategy or design for them to do something specific.She ensures that everyone has a voice, allow ideas to develop, but at the same time ensuring that people do not disappear down rabbit holes.

“I am neutral and so am perfectly positioned to facilitate the best solution for you and your team.”


Minnie-lee Tagwirei
Minnie-lee Tagwirei
Minnie-lee Tagwirei, is the editor of Beetroot Online Magazine for professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses.

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