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Founded 8 years ago by Amiena Pastor. I Deserve It is a non – Profit Company which its sole aim is to be the greatest supporting platform for start-up or entry level business owners and entrepreneurs. I Deserve It helps small business owners and entrepreneurs from their conceptions (Ideas) and everything in between to their customers. I deserve it serves as a platform for startups and small business to guide them in their business journey.

After years of financial independence, my life drastically changed. Not wanting people to know that she was having financial difficulties she managed to fool everyone that everything was fine until one day a friend invited her to go for a massage with her, she tried to excuse herself but failed. Her husband agreed to pay for it but then that same morning her daughter said;
“mom my school shoes is tight.”
“Torn I had no choice, but to proceed with the massage as it was booked, paid and no refund. However, as a mom, all I could think of laying on that massage bed, was my child’s shoes. I could not relax and needed to convince myself that I was entitled to this massage. I started saying to myself, I DESERVE IT, I DESERVE IT, I DESERVE IT. After chanting it so many times, I still could not relax, and enjoy but it was a major light bulb moment. HOW MANY WOMEN WILL NEVER DO THIS FOR THEMSELVES, HOW MANY WOMEN PUT THEIR KIDS AND FAMILY FIRST. WOMEN NEVER CONSIDER THEMSELVES AN OPTION. I decided there and then I wanted to start something that is going to empower women. As soon as this plan was set in motion, many men approached me to say they lost their jobs and need an opportunity. This is where I DESERVE IT became a COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION. To empower our community, city, country and world.”


Today, I Deserve It supports all groups of people. Currently I Deserve It”, provides skills development courses to our local communities, in the form of Sewing, Candle Making and Photography and has become a trading platform for entrepreneurs to sell their products/services and host educational and business orientated workshops.
I Deserve it consists of 6 pillars or 6 “Doorways”. Each pillar co – insides with the next. Altogether, harmony can be achieved to thrust and maintain a sustainable form of business. These pillars are not only business orientated as each pillar is also a form of personal empowerment. Our 6 pillars are:
1. Skills Development
2. Mentor-ship
3. Trading Platforms
4. Life Coaching
5. Wellness (Holistic)
6. Charity

We have provided platform for over 200 entrepreneurs to showcase and market their products and equipped many individuals with short skills that can be turned into small business due to urgency. We are moving entrepreneurs out of survival mode into Growth mode. Our Csi project has dressed orphan girls over past 6 years every Eid with dignity. Wellness and health packs have been arranged for those in need. Food parcels for those in need. We are currently working on a project for our aged, the donation of TIME
Getting Recognition….
Amiena Pastor has won two major accolades’, one from Indonesian consulate and Suburban Travel and Tours where she attended the Indonesian trade fair to see how entrepreneurs work and produce their products. Also, their methods of trading in an international market. Second Accolade was in 2018 from American Embassy Cape Town, an Entrepreneur award for INTERNATIONAL VISITORS LEADERSHIP PROGRAME where she visited 5 major states from, Washington, Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco and Chicago.

I deserve it has also collaborated with many businesses to provide services to entrepreneurs who need them. K1 Group, Think EQ, Six seconds, Byouself Life coaching, AK photography and many more.
Day to day challenges
The biggest challenge is I deserve it is self-funded. And fast running out of funds to assist entrepreneurs. All the workshops have fee attached and current economic situation of the country is causing entrepreneurs not to invest in their growth and only work on their survival. We do not believe in free ride, but with operational costs being covered, our fees can be cut across the board, and we can provide better service for those determined to be in GROWTH MODE.

Over the next few years, we are going to face more job loss than our mind can imagine. There are no jobs, and this will force those who lose their jobs to become self-sustainable, which means more entrepreneurs. An urgent intervention is required to help individuals adopt entrepreneurial mind set and to grow Innovation.
We hope to be the forerunners for this support that is going to be needed.

I Deserve It can be contacted on 065 919 9097 or by emailing us at info@ideserveit.org.za

Minnie-lee Tagwirei
Minnie-lee Tagwirei
Minnie-lee Tagwirei, is the editor of Beetroot Online Magazine for professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses.

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