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Soma Solutions has just launched two new digital platforms called Edu-Supply, a platform designed to help schools and parents save time and money when shopping for stationery, and SmartSaver, an online goal-based saving platform created to inspire communities to save and achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals. Through these platforms, Soma Solutions aims to showcase the power of technology, and how it allows us to break into any industry.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of future-proofing our business. Through these two platforms, we are showing entrepreneurs that this can be done through digital. Through technology, we can break into any industry, and grow existing business operations” said Marilyn Radebe, Founder and CEO of the Soma-Solutions Group of Companies.

Soma Solutions is a female black-owned company that was founded in 2008 by Marilyn Radebe. Marilyn has over 18 years’ experience in the ICT industry and was recently a finalist for the Standard Bank Top Woman in ICT 2020 Award. She also serves as a board member of the MICT (Media and Information Communication Technology) SETA, SA Women in IT forum, and the Black IT Forum.

Soma Solutions, through its humble beginnings and itch to help enterprises stand out, has invested time and resources into understanding the tech industry in order to identify gaps in the current business and IT environments. This has carried Soma Solutions to a point where it can help address the digital needs of businesses through its offerings, also giving a space to challenge entrepreneurs in the digital space.

Soma Solutions will launch Edu Supply -an online platform aimed at assisting parents to purchase stationery online, helping them to save time and money and Smart Saver- an online Goal Based Saving Platform created to inspire communities to achieve their short-term goals, therefore, enabling the achievement of lifestyle goals, while earning interest on money saved. Smart Saver and Edu-Supply are both officially live as of today.





Minnie-lee Tagwirei
Minnie-lee Tagwirei
Minnie-lee Tagwirei, is the editor of Beetroot Online Magazine for professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses.

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