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25yr old Tyrone Magwagwa is a Cape Town based serial entrepreneur and a young global leader. Magwagwa is a Zimbabwe born business strategist, motivational speaker, author and he also hosts a podcast.

Business Strategist

Tyrone is the CEO of Entroy Group – a hub that has many subsidiaries. Different companies fall under Entroy Group such as Misfit Nation; a creative brand strategy agency.

“Even though they have different functions, they fall under Entroy’s goals and vision. The main vision is to raise a generation of visionary leaders who will impact, inspire and transform the world,” he explains.


Tyrone was only 21 when his first book was published. He confesses that he never thought he’d become an author; it was never planned and he calls himself an ‘accidental author.’ Tyrone says he wrote his first book (Success by Association) because he wanted to become a thought leader.

“If you want to learn something, read about it, if you want to understand something write about it, if you want to master something, teach it to others. I wanted to write about success so that I could teach it to others in order to master it.” says Tyrone.

In 2018 Magwagwa published two books; Grass roots to Greatness and Hello, My Name is Opportunity!

Brand before Transaction was published in 2019 and it focuses on the importance of a great brand name in business.

“Of all my books, my personal favourite is Success by Association because it was my first book and I was sharing my personal story. I was sharing about experiences that helped me in my journey.”

The challenge of not being taken seriously by those more experienced than him did not deter him and he’s currently working on a fourth book which we can expect in 2021.

The Ship Podcast

Tyrone hosts an inspirational podcast dubbed the Ship whose main aim is to address problems that can be solved through effective leadership and innovative entrepreneurship.

“The name is derived from leadership ,entrepreneurship, relationship. The idea is to interview thought leaders from around the world and talk about their various skills and how they can be used to help the youth and the world at large.”


It’s no surprise that Tyrone’s achievements have been noted and he has made an impact among the youth today.  He has received a couple of awards in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

1) Greatest Diasporan (2017) – 100 Great Zimbabweans

2) Youth Development Specialist of the year (2019)

3)  Young Achiever of the year (2016)- Cape Town Business Awards

Tyrone says the biggest lesson he has learnt is that relational/ human capital is more important than anything when establishing oneself.

“Money is not the most important thing when you want to start a business, fruitful relationships with people are more important. Money follows value so you must just start, when you provide value the rest will follow,” he says.

The highlight of his career was when Tyrone spoke just before then South Africa’s vice-president Cyril Ramaphosa at the Ambassador’s Gala in 2017.

“He called me a young global leader and it has had a lasting impact on me.”


The motivational speaker in Tyrone has the following message for his fellow youth.

“Young person, nothing can limit you, nothing can stop you from becoming what you are meant to be. Your value lies within you and you can achieve a lot if you just start with what you have. What you have is plenty, what you have can move mountains and can change nations, go for it!

Shoot for the moon and the stars, understand what your vision is and stick to it. It will get tough but don’t give up. The sky is not even the limit!”

Website: www.tyronemagwagwa.co.za




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