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The Burgeon Group is an outsourced operational management consultancy committed to help SMME’s streamline & optimize operational execution turning business goals into revenue.

“We as leaders are visionaries and should remain that way. This is how our brains are designed. Hands should be free from                    daily operational management that can be delegated to a trustworthy team member allowing us to focus on what’s expected                of us. People look up to us and your team needs you too. You are accountable for reaching your business goals, you are                        expected to exceed expectations.”

On Founding the Burgeon Group

Studying theology equipped me with the knowledge and skills to listen to people and understand what it is that they are not saying. This enabled me to manage team dynamics with any given team. While working within the religious sector I learnt to skillfully extract unspoken words and unspoken intentions to better align team members to the goal or the vision to be executed. Once team members were aligned, it was much easier to systemize operations.

The Burgeon Group’s story is a story of evolution and listening to the experiences and needs of the customers over the past 2 years.Founded in October 2017, the first service we provided was geared towards Virtual Administrative services. In 2018 we narrowed down our focus to assisting businesses with business process mapping and the development of a business system that utilizes and integrates various cloud-based platforms to help them run their business more efficiently.

After about a year of serving our clients, I realized that systems and platforms go hand in hand with operational execution. Systems, processes and platforms are there to support operational execution aiming to optimize a business.

I soon realized that my passion was not the development of systems as a product, but my passion, vision and calling lies in the operational execution of day-to-day activities ensuring that business reach their strategic goals.

September 2019 The Burgeon Group narrowed its focus yet again focusing now on Outsourced Operational Management.

When working with our clients we would like to achieve three goals:

  1. Gain a clear understanding of the current state of operational processes and relationships
  2. Establish an environment where expectations can be communicated so that all parties know what to do, how to do it, when to do it and what is needed to do it
  3. Empower people to show up & answer the call to learn, develop, grow and innovate

Incorporating technology in the business

The Burgeon Group would not have been able to function as a business have we not utilized technology in running the business.

We utilize various cloud apps to fulfill various needs in the business by using a third-party application, Zapier, we are able to integrate and automate various tasks between different cloud apps.

I have written a few blog posts about how we utilize technology to run the Burgeon Group:

  1. How I integrated and automated 41 out of 50 tasks using 12 different platform
  2. How I use various platforms to fulfill very specific needs

And a blog post about a few solutions out there: Online tools for business owners and managers

Challenges faced working in the Start-up space

To execute operations efficiently, it is vital that team members know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and by when it needs to be done. In other words, structure is vital for creating a safe space that guarantee some sort of stability.

Working with start-ups, and being a start-up, the greatest challenge is maintaining a fine balance between structure providing some security and being flexible to adapt to the market and customer’s needs. If the market changes or the needs of the customer changes, it impacts how you execute operationally.

Areas of business where start-ups should focus on more and why?

I think this largely depends on who you ask, but for me, start-ups should know whether they will be able to execute on the promise that they made to their clients. I have found that many start-ups are headed by people with the capacity to generate ideas and are naturally skilled at selling resulting in unattainable promises putting unnecessary pressure on the executing teams and in increasing sales that cannot be met my operational execution resulting in delays in delivery.

“Keep it simple. Focus on one thing, nail it, and the add another.”

With every new product you develop, you have to develop a new process, update your systems, develop a marketing campaign, etc.

The ultimate goal 

Our goal is to convert unsafe spaces into safe spaces by restoring relationships so that problems can be solved in a business and to take men and women from a false belief that they need to have sole responsibility to maintain control and power fueled by fear causing anxiety, to a new belief and experience that vulnerability invites participation and collaboration creating a safe community where men and women can teach, learn and develop as an individual and unit by identifying unhealthy and inefficient patterns (the way of doing things), challenging the individual/unit to a new way of thinking and doing, resulting in changed behavior and restored relationships

What keeps you going as an entrepreneur?

My ultimate goal,  keeps me going. As well as constantly creating and maintaining a strong support network that consists of business mentors, family members and key collaborators.

It really helps when your support system can remind you of the 97% that you are doing right to relieve you of the focus and obsession about the 3% that you are doing wrong.






Minnie-lee Tagwirei
Minnie-lee Tagwirei
Minnie-lee Tagwirei, is the editor of Beetroot Online Magazine for professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses.

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